Shoom® eInvoice

Invoicing Has Never Been Easier, Faster, More Accurate and Secure!

eInvoice integrates seamlessly with Shoom eTearsheets to provide publishers and advertisers with an organized billing and verification service with a touch of a tablet or the click of a mouse.

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A Hosted Solution

Shoom electronic invoice is a hosted, web-based solution that dovetails with your existing billing and receivables system. It is easy to implement and requires no hardware installation and no disruption of your present billing workflow.

Automatic Email Notification

As invoices are processed and posted to the eInvoice site, email notifications are sent to designated recipients at customer accounts.

Tearsheet Interface

eInvoice interacts with eTearsheets, allowing viewers to move smoothly between an invoice and related tearsheets, and back again.

Dynamic Invoice Search

Users may also view invoices by going directly to the Invoice Search page and searching using a variety of filters, including invoice number, ad number, even run date. Users with access to multiple billing accounts or publications can refine their search using those facets as well.

Levels of Administration

Designated publication administrators assign access to employees, agencies and advertisers, putting control and security directly in your hands.

Additional Features

  • Dynamic Search Results – search results are sortable, creating invoice reports on the fly
  • Secure Log-in – eInvoice is password protected to prevent unauthorized viewing
  • Tracking Reports – Administrators can see which invoices have been posted, have had email notifications sent, have been viewed, and more.
Shoom eInvoice delivers invoices quickly, accurately and securely - while delivering ease of use to advertisers and employees.

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