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eTearsheets seamlessly integrates into your current PDF work flow. Shoom merges your PDF pages with ad data, creates links to the ads, and sends an option e-mail to advertisers containing a link to their ad pages. Users can use the site on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and need only internet access and a standard browser. As the first truly hosted system, eTearsheets requires no capital investment in software or hardware for full implementation.


eTearsheets provides both advertiser and publication users with an advertising analytics tool kit for accessing single ads or entire campaigns across multiple publications. A single portal provides a rich research environment for advertisers and publications alike, while eliminating wasteful paper tearsheets.


Designed specifically for web access, Shoom’s eTearsheets system runs in a redundant, 24×7 infrastructure, with the highest levels of accessibility and security.

Sales Tools

eTearsheets offers publications more than digital tearsheets. With Shoom Sales Tools (SST), sales teams can drive incremental revenue as well. eTearsheets is your power sales tool.

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